Select the mounting position with adequate space and heat dissipation and connect the power supply and the network. We strongly recommend using a good 24V DC power supply rated for at least 24W (24V/1A).

To avoid C-Bus collisions, physically connect the C-Bus only after you finish the basic configuration and when you have correctly set the unique gateway address on the C-Bus and the C-Bus baud rate.

When you switch on the gateway for the first time, the firmware must initialise many software components; therefore, the booting takes longer. It can take up to 4 minutes, so be patient.

Gateway login

For the gateway configuration, you will use the built-in web server. To start commissioning, open your favourite web browser and go to the gateway Home page.
    username: cbox
    password: manager
Firmware update

Neopsis updates the gateway firmware as needed, adding new features and removing bugs. It is likely that your gateway was not distributed with the latest firmware installed. Check if newer firmware has been published on the Neopsis website in the meantime and if so, update it. The firmware update process is described in the System chapter.

Update the gateway firmware

License installation

Only with the license installed you can take full advantage of all the features of the gateway. To get the license, the gateway must be registered on the Neopsis website. After registration, you will receive the license immediately by email.

Register the gateway and install the license