The Gateway transparently transmits C-Bus alarms to BACnet. The NotificationClass object offered by the gateway is implicitly associated with all C-Bus objects that can generate an alarm. If an alarm is generated on the C-Bus, the gateway automatically sends an UnconfirmedNotificationRequest to BACnet. NotificationEvent properties such as timestamp or alarm text are taken from the C-Bus alarm. Notification type for point alarms is alarm, for system alarms it is alert.

Gateway BACnet alarming does not need any configuration, NotificationClass is created by default and cannot be deleted. However, it is possible to update some NotificationClass properties in the gateway preferences. NotificationClass properties are in the menu Preferences -> BACnet -> Advanced. If alarm recipients are defined, NotificationRequest is not sent as a broadcast, but is instead sent to specific recipients. It is also possible to set the alarm priority. The NotificationClass properties can also be edited from the BACnet client side.

Notification class properties in the Preferences menu:

Property Description
Name Notification class name.
InstId Notification class instance-id.
Description Notification class description.
Recipients List of notification event recipients, either in the form device-instanceid or ipaddress:port.
PrioToOffnormal to-offnormal state transition priority.
PrioToNormal to-normal state transition priority.