Before you start using the gateway, you must perform the initial configuration. As an absolute minimum, you need to review:

  • Gateway IP address, mask and default gateway (menu Preferences -> Platform)
  • C-Bus baud rate (menu Preferences -> C-Bus)
  • Gateway address on the C-Bus (menu Preferences -> C-Bus, address must be unique!)
  • BACnet network ID (menu Preferences -> Bacnet)
  • BACnet device ID (menu Preferences -> Bacnet)

After you have updated the settings, save the changes to the internal database by clicking the Save button. Then physically connect the C-bus and switch your browser to the Home view. Check the status of the C-Bus and BACnet. The status of both interfaces should be RUNNING. If the C-Bus status is CONNECTING_CBUS, please check the following.

  • is the gateway address on the C-Bus unique?
  • does the configured C-Bus baud rate match to the real bus speed?
  • is the Rx LED blinking? If the Rx LED lights continuously, try swapping terminals A and B.

The following tables describe the parameters you can set in the Preferences menu.

Platform properties
Property Description
Gateway mode In PREEMPT mode (default), the gateway periodically collects the values of all objects on the C-Bus. In PASSTHROUGH mode, the gateway collects only the values of the subscribed (CoV) data points.
IP address Gateway IP address. Default IP address is
IP mask IP subnet mask. Default subnet mask is
Gateway Default gateway IP address. Default value is
Port IP port of the built-in web server. The default port number is 8080, i.e. default URL is
Use NTP If enabled, the gateway synchronizes internal Linux time with time servers on the Internet. For the C-Bus controller time synchronization, use the BACnet Time Synchronization service.
NTP servers List of NTP servers used for the time synchronization, one server per line.
Date/Time Current Linux date/time. If Use NTP is enabled, this setting is read-only.
Timezone Timezone of the gateway location.
Session timeout Session timeout in minutes. When a user does not perform any action on a web site during this interval, the user session will be logged out.
C-Bus properties
Property Description
Name The name under which the gateway is identified on C-Bus. The default name is CBOX.
Address Gateway address on the C-Bus. Default address is 29. The address must be unique, in range between 1 and 30.
Baud rate C-Bus baud rate. The default baud rate is 9600.
Map attributes If the flag is enabled, the gateway will be ready to map the C-Bus attributes to BACnet properties. You can activate the preferred attributes in the Point Manager for each point individually.
Advanced In this section there are parameters that are used for the C-Bus connection tuning.
Please do not change the settings in the section `Advanced`. These parameters affect the behaviour of the C-Bus and should be changed only on the recommendation of the technical support.
BACnet properties

The entire C-Bus is on the BACnet side presented as a single device.

Property Description
Name BACnet device name (property object-name).
Description BACnet device description (property description).
Device ID BACnet device id (property object-identifier), default 99.
Network BACnet device network, default 1.
IP address BACnet device IP address, read-only. It is the copy of the platform IP address
Port BACnet device port, default 47808.
Broadcast BACnet bradcast IP address, calculated automatically from the platform IP address and IP mask.
Notification class Notification class properties. For more details see the chapter Alarms.
Manual level Commandable level for write value operation. The default level is 8. The available range is from 8 to 15.
Stale time Only for PASSTHROUGH mode. The time in seconds after which, if the point value is not updated in the meantime, the point value is considered unreliable.
Point prefix Name prefix for BACnet objects monitoring the status of the C-Bus controllers. For more details, see the section Device Points under Point Manager.
Enable BBMD Enables gateway as a BBMD. If enabled, you must configure the distribution table under System/Manage/BBMD.
Enable FDR Enables gateway to register on a BBMD as a foreign device. If enabled, you have to specify the foreign device IP address and time to live.

Both options, Enable BBMD and Enable FDR, are mutually exclusive.