Configure C-Bus Controllers

SoftYon driver modells an XL5000 controller as a Point Device Extension in the Niagara component model. To add an XL5000 controller into the station database, follow these steps:

  1. Double click the IecDevice component in the navigation tree, the SoftYon C-Bus Device Manager opens.
  2. Click on the Discover button and let the manager listen for devices on the C-Bus.
  3. After the discovery process finishes, all C-Bus controllers are listed in the top table (discovered pane). The bottom table (database pane) shows all devices already added to the station. This table should be empty when discovering the first time.
  1. Add the desired C-Bus controller into the station database:
  2. Optionally, you can modify some of the device properties
  • Name is the name of the controller component in the Niagara navigation tree. Defaults to the controller name.
  • C Bus Address is the controller address on the bus. Never change the discovered address!
  • C Bus Name is the discovered controller name. If the name was not recognized, Controller## is used instead, where ## is the controller address. You can change the name, but it is a good practice to let it unchanged to follow the CARE specification.
  • Program Name is the application program name. If the name was not appropriately discovered, Program## is used instead, where ## ist the controller address. This property can be modified and is only informational.
  • Firmware version is the discovered controller firmware release. If the firmware was not appropriately determined, 0.00.00 is used instead. This property can be modified and is only informational.
  • C Bus Device Type is the optional memo field used to store additional info about the controller. This property can be modified and is only informational.