Java Web UI Framework for Tridium Niagara

C-Bus  Integration

Neopsis offers solutions for integrators who need to incorporate the Honeywell C-Bus communication protocol into their building automation system.

Envas Framework

Envas is a Tridium Niagara module that is designed to support the development of HTML5 user interfaces without coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Custom Solutions

We are developing drivers, components and modern web appliances for a broad range of building automation systems with a special focus on the Niagara Framework.

Recent blog entries

Gateway modes - which one is suitable for you?
Gateway CB-200 can operate in two modes, which significantly affect the C-Bus traffic and controller CPU load. The choice of mode is not as clear as i...
New Niagara C-Bus drivers published
Neopsis has published the latest versions of the SoftYon C-Bus driver on their website.
C-Bus to BACnet gateway 1.0.26 released
A new C-Bus to BACnet gateway version 1.0.26 with the integrated Parameter editor was published.
Envas Part 2 - Hello World
In the last blog, I described what Envas is, what it is suitable for and what it is not...