Honeywell C-Bus Integration

Neopsis offers solutions to integrate Honeywell C-Bus into your building management system. If you don't have experience with Honeywell C-Bus, it doesn't matter. We will help you analyze your project, choose the best solution and get everything up and running.

For systems using the Tridium Niagara Framework, you can use our C-Bus Connectivity Kit. The Kit contains an intelligent controller for low-level communication with the C-Bus, functionally comparable to Honeywell BNA, and the native Niagara driver for the controller. The driver provides seamless C-Bus integration, including device and point discovery, alarm integration into Niagara alarming subsystem, time and parameter editor and many other functions. Read more about Niagara C-Bus integration

If your building management system runs BACnet, you can use C-Bus to BACnet gateway. The gateway provides the direct translation between both protocols and allows the controller and point discovery, reading and writing data points, reading alarms, editing time programs and much more. The gateway can act as a BBMD and can register as Foreign Device. Read more about Honeywell C-Bus to BACnet gateway

You can use the Honeywell C-Bus OPC Server if you prefer OPC integration. We offer an OPC server for Excel, EMC and IRC controllers. Read more about C-Bus OPC server

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Envas Framework

Envas is a tool for software developers writing Tridium Niagara Framework applications. Unlike the standard Niagara web UI development approach, it does not require any special knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS coding. Envas integrates the excellent Vaadin Java library into Niagara. We created Envas as an internal product for our Niagara application development. Later we decided to open this library to the Niagara developer community. Read more about Envas