Energy optimization and building automation

With increasing energy costs, even the smallest opportunity for saving costs becomes important. In almost all buildings, there are starting points for saving energy. Unfortunately, the applied technical equipment often only allows for isolated solutions, without any connection to other systems. But it's the energy optimization that demands a trade-spanning system, capable of running a complex logic. Be it an modernization or a new installation, we help you to an efficient handling of energy.

Acquisition of energy data

The acquisition and historization of energy data is the prerequisite for a later development of measures and control of achieved results. Our systems handle this tasks either autonomously or together with a supervisor, spanning different facilities and customers.

Evaluation of energy data

The acquired data is evaluated using special modules. This includes real time consumption control with a comprehensive alarm system as well as central reports, benchmark results and facility classification.

Active energy optimization

To optimize energy means to be active! The results of the evaluation are the basis for any process optimization. This active task is done by our jaxControllers. Together with our customers, we develop individual, optimal control for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other technologies.

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