Building automation and business processes

The classical automation tasks are generally considered as being solved today. Facility master control systems generate a lot of valuable data, which only rarely is efficiently processed. Facility classification, company-wide energy control and pro-active building management demand a centralization of the data. The connection of automation and business processes has to be realized on the basis of unified data models and software technologies. The integration on company level is defined by the business processes, the technology only plays a secondary role.

Complex studies

Apart from the process visualization, we also offer extensive data visualization and data analysis. All reports are displayed in a browser and accessible over the internet.

  • Data normalization independent of time zones, measurement units or energy types.
  • Data compression
  • Exception studies and data validation
  • Energy optimization
  • Export to different formats such as PDF or Excel
  • Export to relational databases

Evolution of the integration

Do you want to import the data into your ERP systems? Our intelligent connectors forward the desired information online to superordinate systems such as SAP, Oracle or other building management applications. This opens up new possibilities for your business processes.

  • Live failure informations in the call center
  • Tenant billing
  • Connection of building data with existing processes such as procurement, accounting, or preventive maintenance
  • Cost optimization by connection to current prices.
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