Scalable platform

The applications of our systems range from single rooms to complete buildings in private, public and business sectors. Our controllers take care of all functions of the automation: data acquisition, process control, information networking, visualization, and data storage. Best of all, it's all secure and transparently accessible over TCP/IP and the internet.

Protocol independent data acquisition

We combine all bus systems directly, without the need of expensive gateways. Our drivers communicate natively with all standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, EIB, LON and many more. You choose the cheapest fieldbus technology and we do the integration for you.

Secure Visualization

Our applications are 100% web-enabled. Display of measurement data, context switches, or graphical reports - all of this is presented in your browser, no matter where you are. The role based user management takes care of the nessesary security.

Transparent communication

TCP/IP based communication is an integral feature of all our components. All commands, alarm acknowledgements or trends are always delivered to the right destination. This opens new possibilities of supervision centralization or the integration of geographically distributed data sources.

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